Frequently Asked Question ?

What are the requirements to attend HBTC?
In order to enroll students should posses a high school diploma or GED equivalent, and submit a completed application form along with their $30 registration fee for their first course.

Does HBTC accept people from different denominations?
We accept students of all races, nationalities, and denominational backgrounds.

Do I have to attend Harvest Church?
Attendance at Harvest Church is not mandatory for first or second-tier students. It is however recommended for third-tier students because many of the mentoring and outreach opportunities take place within the framework of regular Church services and worship. We do strongly encourage students to be committed members of a local Church throughout the duration of their time at HBTC.

What are the classes like?
Every instructor and course is different, but in general courses include lectures, discussions, activities, readings, and some assignments.

Are there grades? How do the courses work?
Classes are pass/fail and each instructor sets policies and assessment criteria. Students must pass all of their courses in order to graduate at each level. Failed courses can be retaken when they are offered next.

How strenuous is the program?
HBTC provides a part-time program where students typically take only one class at a time. The curriculum is designed for students with full-time jobs and family commitments. Courses meet one night per week and out of class work can typically be completed in an single evening of study or less. No busy work is assigned, only occasional readings and assignments which should interest and truly benefit the student. Additionally, courses are spread out with breaks inbetween and there are no mandatory summer courses. Even the busiest of people should be able to complete our program. 

Is HBTC accredited?
Harvest Bible Training Center provides practical ministry training, mentorship, preparation, and experience. At this time it is not accredited and is not meant to take the place of formal education.

Where do my registration fees go?
Registration fees help cover program expenses, growth, and outreach.

Do I have to attend HBTC for all three tiers of training?
No. Students may obtain as much training as they desire. However students must complete the first two tiers to receive a Certificate of Christian Education. Students who complete the full three-tier program will receive a Certificate of Practical Ministry and may be eligible to apply for ministerial credentials/ordination.

Do I have to take all of the courses?
First tier students are encouraged to take four of the first-tier courses, and second-tier students are encouraged to take four of the second-tier courses.  Completion of the program however is based on taking a total of eight courses.