Harvest Bible Training Center is a training program that involves practical instruction for every member of the Body of Christ. We offer a three tier curriculum made up of around two tiers of courses and one tier of practical experience and mentorship. Courses are offered one at a time in the evenings, on weekdays, in a eight week format.  Two to four courses are offered per year.

First Tier courses provide foundational teaching that is critical for every member of the Body to grow in. These are anchor principles that have inexhaustible depth which every Believer stands to benefit greatly from studying. These courses are not designed only for those who are new in the Faith but to help the entire Body grow in understanding and strength.

Second Tier courses focus on expanding our perspective and impact for the Kingdom of God. We examine those who have come before us, the wisdom that God calls us to walk in, and the ways that we can impact the Church and the world.

Third Tier is not about courses, it is about mentorship and service. Instead of classes, it’s outreach. Students seeking Pastoral ministry training may be assigned a mentor to help them mature and prepare for ordination.

Students that complete eight total courses receive a Certificate of Christian Education.  More than eight courses may be offered, students do not need to complete all courses, only a total of eight. Students that complete the full three tier program also receive a Certificate of Practical Ministry

Those who are seeking Ministry Credentials and Ordination will be advised and mentored throughout the program and will be evaluated for ministry calling and readiness as they near graduation.

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